Are you interested in bringing Homebuying Education to your community but don’t have the resources to implement the programming on your own?  The Homebuying Mentors® would like to partner with you to reach first-time homebuyers in your neighborhood.

Partnering with The Homebuying Mentors® will enable you to bring expert homebuying education programming to your community.

Strong relationships are at the core of the success of The Homebuying Mentors® program.  Building strong relationships with all of our partners from local organizations, real estate professionals and our homebuyer graduates helps us ensure first-time homebuyers are able to successfully purchase homes safely and securely.

What we offer:

  • Partnering with you to make sure that our objectives are aligned and that the programming is appropriate for the needs of your community.
  • Our expert staff will travel to your community to provide the Homebuying 101 class at a location approved by your organization.
  • We oversee all recruitment efforts, including web, print and local distribution.
  • We will integrate your organizational branding into our outreach and marketing efforts.
  • We pull together a team of local real estate professionals to present at the classes.
  • We may offer coaching onsite at agreed upon set times and location if there is demand.
  • We offer class graduates the option to access remote coaching (including use of Skype, email and phone).

What you offer:

  • Introductions to known local community members including trusted real estate professionals and other pertinent partners to ensure a successful class.
  • Appropriate support with advertisement and outreach at your office, website, social media and local community events.