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Do you live on the North Shore and know someone who could benefit from a newly installed roof for free? Coastal Windows and Exteriors is proud to participate in the No Roof Left Behind initiative.  This campaign gives the community a way to help a family in need.  They need neighbors and community members to nominate a local family and Coastal W… Read More »
Posted By On July 14, 2014 ·
Do you want your home to be more comfortable and more affordable? Learn about resources and incentives available through Renew Boston, a partnership between the City of Boston, National Grid and Nstar, at an upcoming workshop at Bethel Baptist Church (18 St. James Street, Roxbury) on Monday July 21st from 6:00 - 8:00pm. You will get information … Read More »
Posted By On July 1, 2014 ·
The Community Builders have announced that applications for The Town Homes at Brighton Mills, also known as the new Charlesview properties, will be available starting on August 4th. Two and three bedroom affordable units will be put on sale through a lottery. Applications are due September 5th in order to participate in the lottery for a chance to … Read More »
Posted By On May 29, 2014 ·
So you've met with your lender, you've received a pre-approval letter, and now you're ready to start looking at homes.  The first step is to find a real estate agent.  Some buyers think that they can conduct their own search and make an offer on a home by themselves, thinking that not hiring an agent will save them money.  In reality, buyer's … Read More »
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The spring market has already proven to be competitive with low inventory and ready buyers looking to take advantage of low interest rates while they can.  If you are serious about buying your first home, you will want to be prepared. If you see a property placed on the market that you might be interested in, are you ready to take the next step?… Read More »
Posted By On April 30, 2014 ·
To close out Fair Housing Month we would like to share a great documentary that has gotten a lot of attention recently.  A Matter of Place dives into three households' experiences of housing discrimination, proving the unfortunate fact that fair housing laws are still being broken today.  Check out the video and make sure to see our previous blog… Read More »
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The Town Homes at Brighton Mills is a development overseen by The Community Builders that will offer 20 affordable units for sale in Allston Brighton.  A lottery will be held this summer for two and three bedroom units.  For more information check out The Community Builders website. If you have any questions regarding what Affordable Housing is… Read More »
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April is Fair Housing Month, so we wanted to revisit one of our earlier posts regarding the issue.  Fair Housing laws protect a wide range of people, but unfortunately many people are taken advantage of because they are not familiar with the laws.  Check out our post from last year that provides a great piece from NPR and information from our 201… Read More »
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Debt can be a large obstacle to overcome as it pertains to buying a home.  Nowadays, one of the biggest and most common sources of a person's debt is their student loans.  When approving you for a loan, a lender will look at your debt-to-income ratio.  If your monthly debt accounts for too much of your gross monthly income, you will not be … Read More »
Posted By On January 30, 2014 ·
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently extended the time period for their First Look programs.  Fannie Mae's HomePath and Freddie Mac's HomeSteps programs now give homebuyers who are seeking a primary residence 20 days to get an accepted offer on a foreclosed property before investors can get involved.  Investors typically have a leg-up on every… Read More »