Final Walk Through (the day before closing)

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January 25, 2013

You have 48 hours leading up to your closing to conduct your final walk through. You will do this with your real estate agent and you will be checking to make sure the property you are buying is in the condition it is supposed to be in according to your Purchase & Sale Agreement. If you negotiated any appliances, furniture, or other items to be included in the sale, they should be there in your final walk through. The seller should have moved out at this point, so you will want to make sure that there was no damage done to the property when they moved. There will be language in your P&S stating that the property should be “broom clean.” The home doesn’t need to be professionally cleaned, but make sure that the seller isn’t leaving behind trash or any unwanted items. Make sure to check the basement, attic, porch, or shed where these items may be. If there are any issues, you will want to make sure to contact your attorney so they can notify the seller’s attorney that they are in violation of the P&S and that the closing will not happen until the issue is resolved.

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