Fair Housing Month

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April 2, 2014


April is Fair Housing Month, so we wanted to revisit one of our earlier posts regarding the issue.  Fair Housing laws protect a wide range of people, but unfortunately many people are taken advantage of because they are not familiar with the laws.  Check out our post from last year that provides a great piece from NPR and information from our 2014 Resource Guide to learn how you are protected when it comes to housing.

Fair Housing: The Sad Truth

The sad truth is that in the year 2013 fair housing laws are being violated everyday, resulting in people being denied a place to live based on their race, gender, family, etc.  Over the weekend, NPR’s This American Life aired a story that briefly explains the history of Fair Housing laws, and shows how these laws are being violated today through real-life testimonial.  Listen to the story using the link below.


Fair Housing is an issue we tackle in our 2014 Homeownership Resource Guide, which will be available in January.  In the Guide, an article from The Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston is featured, in which we learn the do’s and don’ts for landlords and real estate agents when it comes to renting an apartment or buying or selling a home.  As you read the article, you may learn a thing or two, but at times you might also think to yourself,  “this is common sense,” or “of course, who doesn’t know that?”  But the sad truth is that fair housing laws are being violated everyday and the culprits are getting away with it.

Read the article in our 2014 Resource Guide
Find more information at the Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston