Budget and Save

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January 25, 2013

Find a Tool That Works for You

There are various tools available to help you stick to a budget.  Many of them can be found online and some can simply be created with a pen and paper.  The important thing is find a tool that works for you.  We suggest creating an excel spreadsheet (example in link above) on your computer to help you plan and track your expenses.  At the beginning of the month input your expected income and expenses and remember to include an amount saved.  As you make your way through the month, save receipts and use online banking to track your actual expenses and record them into your spreadsheet.  At the end of the month, see how close your actual expenses are to what you planned for at the beginning of the month.  If this tool doesn’t work for you, try one of the free online resources or create a tool of your own.

List of Budgeting & Saving Resources
Printable Budgeting Worksheet

Online Budgeting Worksheet
Financial Coaching from Mass Saves