The Homebuying Mentors®


The Homebuying Mentors® is an independent, not-for-profit resource for Massachusetts residents to plan responsibly for their future through homeownership.


Building a trusted environment where residents across Massachusetts can engage with experienced mentors to create personalized solutions for their homeownership experience.

Our Success

Our 2013 Outcomes Report shows our success with helping low to moderate income households access affordable loans to achieve their goal of homeownership.

History & Relationship to ABCDC

The Homebuying Mentors® got its start at Allston Brighton CDC back in 1994 by holding its first Homebuying 101 class for local neighborhood residents interested in buying their first home in the Allston Brighton neighborhood.  Over time, Allston Brighton CDC grew its program to offer individual coaching and connect buyers with to high quality real estate professionals.  Word got out about the success of our program and we found that first-time homebuyers from all over made the trek to Allston Brighton to learn more about buying a home.

Since the beginning of the program, our homebuying educators and coaches have supported hundreds of first-time homebuyers to prepare for homeownership and successfully navigate the homebuying process:  to date we have supported nearly 1,600 first-time homebuyers to convene high quality real estate teams and to purchase of their first home with a high quality stable mortgage.

Today, The Homebuying Mentors® provides education and coaching for first-time homebuyers throughout the greater Boston region.  We support our buyers as they create their own personalized homebuying strategies.  Our goal is to help buyers feel confident in the homebuying process, with their chosen real estate professionals, and in their mortgage selection.  We aim to prepare people to be happy, successful homeowners who feel confident and secure as they build their future.


Molly Goodman
Manager of Financial Coaching and Homeownership Programs
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